Musical Instuments: Ensambles: Chamber Music: Decet: 10 players or voices


In music, a decet—sometimes dectet, decimette, or even tentet (Gerhart, 2005)—is a composition which requires ten musicians for a performance, or a musical group that consists of ten people. The corresponding German word is Dezett, the French is dixtuor. Unlike some other musical ensembles such as the string quartet, there is no established or standard set of instruments in a decet.

Mozart: Divertimento in B-flat major, K. 186 (for 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 English horns, 2 horns, and 2 bassoons)

00:00 – Allegro assai 01:38 – Menuetto & Trio 03:58 – Andante 06:30 – Adagio 10:11 – Allegro

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