Mozart: 6 German Dances, K. 571

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

pdf Full Scores of 6 German Dances, K. 571


Mozart left a huge production of dances for orchestra, including the genres of Minuetto (more than 100), Contredanse and Allemande (or Teitsch, or Laendler, or German Dances).

In his production of minuets, Mozart generally followed Haydn’s example, preferring the slow character of the dance. Allemandes (56 between 1787 and 1791) were written mainly for public balls in Vienna. In the Contredanse production, also written mainly in Vienna, some examples of program music are found, like Il Temporale, K. 534, La Bataille, K. 535, Canary, K. 600/5, etc.


No. 1 in D major12-01 6 German Dances KV571 – 1 D ma

No. 2 in A major12-02 6 German Dances KV571 – 2 A ma

No. 3 in C major12-03 6 German Dances KV571 – 3 C ma

No. 4 in G major12-04 6 German Dances KV571 – 4 G ma

No. 5 in B major♭-m.mp3">12-05 6 German Dances KV571 – 5 B m

No. 6 in D major12-06 6 German Dances KV571 – 6 D ma




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