About Featured Works

Welcome to the Maestro68 Featured Page

The Featured Page will post featured works, artists, music forms, instruments and others. Information will be given to understand the origin, the uses or biography of the featured item or person.

Composer Picture

The work description block:

Work Name: Full and common name of the work including any indexing identifiers. (ex. Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV 565)
Original Instrumentation Form: Instrumentation the composer originally intended to be played (ex. Piano Concerto)
Composer: Full name of the work’s author (ex. Johann Sebastian Bach)
Year(s) written or First Publication: The composition year or year of publication, which ever is soonest. (ex. w. 1823-1825 and p. 1826)
Piece Style or musical era: The music era in which the works falls. (ex. Romantic)
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