Smetana: Orchestral Works

Smetana: Orchestral Works


Artist/Composer:  Smetana, Bedřich (1824-1884)
Volume:  Orchestral Works
Group Title: Smetana: Orchestral Works
Individual Works: 18
Total Files in Archive: 31
Archives: 1
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Smetana, Bedřich (1824-1884)
Vol. 2.01: Orchestral Works

Incidental Music, Ballet
The Brandenburgers in Bohemia, JB1:87/T. 90 -Act I Ballet, -Prelude

Incidental Music, Opera
‘The Kiss’, JB1:104/T. 115 – Overture
‘The Secret’JB1:110/T. 118 – Overture
‘Libuše’ (‘Libussa’), JB1: 102/T. 107 – Prelude
‘Dalibor’, JB1:101/T. 96 – Entr’acte
‘The Devil’s Wall’, JB1:122/T. 129 – Prelude, -Infernal Dance
‘The Two Widows’, JB1:108/T. 109 – Overture, -Prelude to Act II, Polka from Act II
‘The Bartered Bride’, JB1:100/T. 131 – Overture, Furiant, Polka (Act I Finale), Skocna (Dance of the Comedians)

Other Orchestral Works
Fanfares for Shakespeare’s ‘Richard III’
The Fisherman
March for the Shakespeare Festival
The Peasant Woman (Venkovanka, Polka) in G major
Prague Carnival
Prelude to ‘Libussa’
Grand Overture in D major
Hakon Jarl in C minor, Op. 16
Richard III in A minor, Op. 11
Wallenstein’s Camp in D major, Op. 14
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