Hoffmann: Chamber Works

Hoffmann: Chamber Works


Artist/Composer: Hoffmann, E. T. A. (1776-1822)
Work Group Title: Hoffmann: Chamber Works
Work Form(s): Harp Quintet, Keyboard Sonatas
# of Individual Works: 4
# of Archived (zipped) Files: 1
# of files in archive(s): 10
Total Playtime: 01:02:29


Hoffmann, E. T. A. (1776-1822)
Hoffmann: Chamber Works
  • Harp Quintet in C minor, AV 24
  • Keyboard Sonata in A major, AV 22
  • Keyboard Sonata in C minor – complete
  • Keyboard Sonata in F minor, AV 27

*- complete indicates that all movements are included in 1 file and is listed in the ‘Lyrics’ section of your media player… otherwise, each movement is a separate file.

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