Jacques Loussier Trio – Vol. 2

Jacques Loussier Trio – Vol. 2


The Jacques Loussier Trio was a French Third Stream jazz piano trio that became known for their Jazz interpretations of European classical music. They were commonly known in France as “le trio Play Bach” after the title of their first LPs.

The trio was formed in 1959 by French pianist Jacques Loussier, bass player Pierre Michelot, and percussionist Christian Garros. They reworked mostly Baroque music, in particular by Johann Sebastian Bach, but also Vivaldi and other composers, to fit their own style and instruments.

The group was commercially successful but less popular with critics and jazz purists. They toured Germany in 1966.

In 1985, Jacques Loussier formed a new trio with percussionist André Arpino, and double-bassist Vincent Charbonnier. In 1997 the latter role was taken over by Benoît Dunoyer de Segonzac.

Artist’s Website: loussier.com


Jacques Loussier Trio: Selections from these albums:
  • Jacques Loussier Plays Bach: Encore!
  • Jacques Loussier Trio: Play Bach 93: Les Plus Grandes Themes
  • Jacques Loussier Trio: Play Bach Aujourd’hui: Les Themes En Re
  • Jacques Loussier Trio: Play Bach aux Champs Elysees
  • Jacques Loussier Trio: Take Bach w/ Güher & Süher Pekinel
  • Jacques Loussier Trio: The Bach Book: 49th Anniversary Album
  • Jacques Loussier Trio: The Original Play Bach Trio ‘Play Bach’
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