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Keyboard WorksWorks for Mixed Keyboards or multiple Keyboards
Keyboard Works
-Harpsichord /
Works for Solo Harpsichord or Clavichord
Keyboard Works
- Piano
Works for Solo Piano
Keyboard Works
- Organ
Works for Solo Organ
Chamber WorksWorks for Uncharacterized Chamber Ensemble
Chamber Works
- Solo Instrument
Works for Solo Instrument with or without continuo
Chamber Works
- Duos and Duets
Works for 2 instruments as a duo (2 of the same) or a duet (2 separate Instruments)
Chamber Works
- Trios
Works for 3 instruments
Chamber Works
- Quartets
Works for 4 instruments
Chamber Works
- Quintets
Works for 5 instruments
Chamber Works
- Sextets, Septets, Octets & Nonets
Works for 6, 7, 8 or 9 instruments
Orchestral WorksWorks for Orchestra without a distinct catagory
Orchestral Works
- Symphonies & Sinfonias
Symphonies & Sinfonias
Orchestral Works
- Concertante
Works for solo instrument or Multiple solo instruments and Orchestra
Orchestral Works
- Orchestral Suites
Suites for Orchestra, Works with multiple movements
Orchestral Works
- Overtures
Single movement works used as a larger work's overture
Orchestral Works
- Single Movement Works
Movements for Orchestra, Tone Poems
Vocal Works
Choral Works
Opera Works
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