Bernstein: Fancy Free Ballet


File:Leonard Bernstein 1971.jpgFancy Free is a ballet by Jerome Robbins, subsequently balletmaster of New York City Ballet, made on Ballet Theatre, predecessor of American Ballet Theatre, to a score by Leonard Bernstein, with scenery by Oliver Smith, costumes by Kermit Love and lighting by Ronald Bates. The premiere took place on Tuesday, April 18th, 1944, at the old Metropolitan Opera House, New York. The NYCB premiere took place Thursday, January 31st, 1980.


Work Name: Fancy Free Ballet
Key: n/a
Form: Ballet / Suite
Composer: Leonard Bernstien
Year: 1944
Period: 20th Century
Cataloged Number: n/a
(00:07) I. Enter Three Sailors
(03:00) II. Scene at the Bar
(04:38) III. Enter Two Girls
(06:02) IV. Pas de Deux
(09:09) V. Competition Scene / VI. Three Dance Variations:
(12:12) 1. Galop
(13:40) 2. Waltz
(16:00) 3. Danzon
(18:39) VII. Finale

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