This an instructional guide to understanding Classical Music

In this Course or guide, there are 3 Main Sections:

Music HistoryTHOM video screenshot– The study of music’s origin, it’s evolution, and the Musical Eras and/or Musical Periods that changed Musical Style and Music Form. I will also examine the composers that lived within these eras of music. For easy navigation and guidance, this section contains a Course Outline, a list of Course Chapters, Historical Periods and Eras, and a list of The Composer’s and their birthdays.


Music Theory – How music works. It examines the language and notation of music. You will learn the symbols, the terminology, the definitions and fundamentals that are used in musical notation. Also discussed are the musical forms, styles and structures of how music is composed. Contained in this section: Fundamentals of Music, a list of Music Symbols. Music Glossary, a list of musical definitions and terms that are used to describe the intent of a composer’s score and how the performer interprets the music. Fun Facts, information that you may not have known, yet find interesting.



Music Documentaries – Informative video and movies that detail certian aspects of classical music. They are documentaries about the lives and music of Composers, Performing Artist, a popular Concert or performance, the history of the origin and evolution of music, Popular Works, and even the explanation of a musical concept or term. Most of thesde videos are posted on YouTube, but I have put them in a sort of an order to find specific topics more easily.




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