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I created and all of its associated pages and links (known collectively as The Music Hub) with the idea of sharing my love of music. My goal is to make music a little more accessible to the masses.
The Maestro68 ‘Music Hub’ is owned, operated and maintained by Eugene Thomas aka Maestro68, a music enthusiast and former teacher. The Music Hub is defined as: a Not-For-profit family of websites and webpages that promotes the enjoyment of classical music through education, history, and listening. This family of websites and webpages operates under any of the 3 Maestro68 logos.

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100% of all Donations to The Maestro68 Music Hub are put back into maintaining all the sites within the Maestro68 Music Hub as named above. These donations provide funds for the monthly cost of maintaining the site servers, web hosting, web maintenance, Media content, and daily updates. Please help me maintain this informative blog to promote classical music and it’s artists. I do appreciate any contributions that you wish to donate.

Again, Thank You.

-Eugene Thomas, aka Maestro68

Disclaimer… All material used throughout the Music Hub or on any of the sites are meant to be used for educational or instructional purposes only. All information obtained is gained by searching the Internet for whatever information that I can find on Official Websites, Facebook fan-pages, Google, YouTube and Wikipedia. By no means do I intend to or will I ever intend to infringe upon any copyright holder of any material used on the Music Hub sites. I do not profit or intend to profit from any of these materials. All material used on this website and any Maestro68 group of sites or pages is gathered from public domain sites, Official Websites, Facebook fan-pages, Google searches, YouTube, Wikipedia, and amongst others. When there is credit that can be obtained, it is so noted… otherwise, the material that was anonymously posted or posted without credits, the sites and pages or its creator assumes no ownership of these materials and intended only for educational, instructional or informational purposes. Donations are only used to help support the creation, maintenance and growth of the Music Hub– Maestro68

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