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The Learning Center will have Postings to highlight a Composer’s Birthday and Pages with information about Music Theory.

The Composer’s Birthday description block:

Composer: Full name of the composer
Date of Birth: date of birth
Date of Death: date of death
Nationality: Home country where the composer was born or predominately resided.
Period/Era/Style: Musical era in which the composer falls according to year of birth unless otherwise mentioned
Contribution(s): What the composer is known for, and other contributions
Biography:  Early life    |    Mid-Life  |   Music   |   Historic Contributions   |   Death   |   Selected works


Piano Works
Chamber Works
Orchestral Works
Vocal Works
Choral Works
Opera Works
Ballet & Incidental Muisc




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Maestro68 Audio The selections on this page are Albums, Collections & Catalogs
Maestro68 Video Viewer – View and enjoy Videos highlighting Composers, Artists and Works www.maestro68.com/video
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Music History

Music Theory
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