Musical Form: Classical & Romantic Eras: Sinfonia concertante

Sinfonia Concertante is a musical form that emerged during the Classical period of Western music. It is essentially a mixture of the symphony and the concerto genres: a concerto in that one or more soloists (in the classical period, usually more than one) are on prominent display, and a symphony in that the soloists are nonetheless discernibly a part of the total ensemble and not preeminent.


Mozart: Sinfonia Concertante in E♭ major, K. 364/320d

I. Allegro maestoso – II. Andante – III. Presto, 2/4

Haydn: Sinfonia Concertante in B♭ major, Hob.I:105


I. Allegro – II. Andante – III. Allegro con spirito

Beethoven did not write anything designated as a sinfonia concertante, although some feel his Triple Concerto qualifies for inclusion in the genre.

Beethoven: Triple Concerto, Op.56


I. Allegro – II. Largo – III. Rondo alla Polacca

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