Weber: Konzertstück in F minor, Op. 79, J. 282

The Konzertstück in F minor for Piano and Orchestra, Op. 79, J. 282, was written by Carl Maria von Weber. He started work on it in 1815, and completed it on the morning of the premiere of his opera Der Freischütz, 18 June 1821. He premiered it a week later, on 25 June, at his farewell Berlin concert.

The Konzertstück started out as a third piano concerto; however, because it is in one continuous movement (in four sections) and has an explicit program, Weber decided not to name it “concerto” but “Konzertstück” (Concert Piece). The score calls for flutes, oboes, clarinets, bassoons, horns, and trumpets in pairs, bass trombone, timpani, and strings. It takes about 17 minutes to perform and a brilliant technique is called for.

Carl Maria von Weber: Konzertstück in F minor, for Piano and Orchestra, Op. 79 Alfred Brendel, piano London Symphony Orchestra Claudio Abbado, conducting

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